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Wednesday 26 December 2012

I had an 8 hour 48 minute phone call because of this blog.

Blogs are meant to start conversation, and my first post started one, and this was one long conversation nearly 9 hours. 

Last night an old mate of mine John Pritchard (of Techroom) contacted me at about 10:45 PM on Christmas Eve to say that he had heard some common friends talking about my Boeing 737 blog post, and asked me what the URL was, we then typed a few season greetings messages in Skype to each other and then we started a voice chat at 11:00 PM. This Skype call finished at 7:48 AM Boxing day - a total duration of 8 hours 48 minutes and 17 seconds.

I have been on Skype for over 8 years and use it very heavily, and am part of their beta / testing program and have actually had a client for 5 1/2 years that I dealt with mainly through Skype, but my conversation last night was the longest Skype call or phone call that I have ever had in my life. I realize that the length of the call was more to do with the fact that we were both on Christmas break so had the time to chat all night, watch the sun come up and then chat for a few more hours.

I have not been very active blogging in the past but know that I should be doing more and many people have noticed that i have been more active on Social Media for the last two months, and I have spent the previous few months preparing and organizing for starting this blog.

I have had several great friendships that have been formed with people, who I have met by reading their blog. A very good example of that is +David Novakovic who had a blog for his company that was discussing the semantic web. I was doing a project that was very closely related to what he was doing and reached out to him, and arranged for a meeting, when we met we had very similar interests and used his company's service as one of the back end processes for our project. If David had not been blogging, we still may have met up but it may have taken longer or may have never happened.This was about 5 years ago and David and I Are still in pretty regular contact.

I have come to realize that +Duncan Riley is correct Blogging is not a spectator sport, and now understand what he means by that and I have now jumped in with two feet and within days I am already seeing the benefits.