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Thursday 14 March 2024

where is starman

Where is Starman Now ?

Where is Starman and Falcon Heavy now ?

It was hard to find where Starman was so here is the best link I have found so far - this is a simulations and is not live, as there is no power left onboard, all the batteries have been used and there is no Solar Panels. So it is not easy to actively track it - hence the simulation.

Starman is designated number 2018-017A. 

Click HERE to go to a Simulator that shows Where Starman is.

Starman is the Green orbit, on the left you can turn Names on, which makes it easier to see where it is.

This image below, shows where Starman will be May 1, 2018, Midday Australia (EAST), which highlights how close starman goes to Mars (which was the original intention was for it to orbit Mars, but now it will orbit the Sun, as it missed the gravity well of Mars.

Where is Starman
Starman location May 1, 2018

Click here for a larger image of the orbit of Starman.

Starman's last image
Starman's last image, before the battery went flat. 

It is exciting to see a Race in Space starting again, as I missed the last one, I look forward to the other exciting things that Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin).

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Blue origin made it to the Edge of Space today

Congratulations Blue Origin, on making it to the edge of space and returning to earth, in a controlled manner.

The Edge of Space is an arbitrary number, that has been classified as 100 kilometers high, Blue origins ship New Shepard reached a height of 100.5 km.

 The really interesting part of the video for me starts at around 1:52 where you can see the gimbals on the rocket, trying to stableize the trajectory and slow the rocket down,

This is different from what SpaceX is trying to do, they are going about twice as high, with a rocket that is designed to put satellites into orbit, so its longer and thinner, it travels at about twice the speed. But it is still an impressive feat that Blue origin did today.